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A weekend in Cambridge, MA

As I told you in my first Friday Love post, my boyfriend and I spent the weekend in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I noticed that I’ve never officially presented him to you, so here we go: his name is Jean-François (aged 29), he works in research and we’ve been together for 8½ years. He likes hockey, playing chess, eating peanut butter and Italian food. Now that you know a little more about him (those info don’t have a crucial importance, but it’s a start!), here’s the story of our 3 day trip that can be summarized by eating, walking and eating again!

We left our house on Saturday morning at 6 A.M. and drove for 6 hours to arrive to our destination around noon. We were staying at the Hotel Veritas, a beautiful boutique hotel located in Harvard Square. The room was a bit tiny, but it had plenty of natural light and the bed was so comfortable, I felt like I was spleeping on a cloud.

The Hotel Veritas

After check-in, we left the hotel to discover the neighborhood and looked for a place to have lunch. We ended up only few meters away from the hotel at Grafton Street Pub & Grill. And because 1. I love eating burgers and 2. we were in USA, we ate the Grafton Burger. It was pretty good, but the bun was a bit greasy. After lunch, we stopped by the Harvard Bookstore and then took a long walk discovering the campus.

In the basement of the Harvard Bookstore

Following the recommandation of the hotel concierge, we went to Park Restaurant & Pub for dinner. Our reservation was at 9:30 P.M. and we felt it was a bit late to have two big entrees. So we decided to order 3 starters and shared them together with a bottle of white wine. We had roasted beets served with citrus, toasted hazelnuts and soft goat cheese, a Caesar salad topped with “toad in the hole” and a warm lobster and crab dip with seasoned pita chips. The food was delicious and I also loved the restaurant decor, a mix of rustic and industrial with a warm and cozy feeling.

On Sunday morning, we went to brunch at Zoe’s Kitchen, a retro diner nearby the hotel. I found that place on the Internet and it had many good comments and reviews but, unfortunately, I wasn’t as excited about my plate as I tought I’d be. Let’s say I had better breakfasts in my life. I had the Daily Double (two eggs with homefries, bacon and toast) and JF had the Waffle Slammer (a big waffle with two eggs, two strips of bacon, two sausage and homefries).

After eating all that food, needless to say we had to take a walk! We took the John W. Weeks Bridge over the Charles River to go explore the Harvard Business School campus. It was almost intimidating to walk throught this prestigious location!

Charles River from the John W. Weeks Bridge

As we were getting cold, we made a stop at the Gap Store to get ourselves hats and scarfs (I forgot my hat at home – nice shot girl – and, of course, with a new hat calls a new scarf which I’m completely obsessed with). Across the street was standing Sweet Cupcakes, a lovely cupcake bakey that was literally screaming to me: come here! We left the bakery with a little box containing a dark chocolate cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream frosting and a red velvet cupcake, both with sprikles. Because everything is better with sprinkles, right?

Cupcakes from Sweet Cupcakes

We came back to the hotel with our precious little box and got ready for dinner, which we had at Sandrine’s Bistro. We both had a perfect soupe à l’oignon gratinée for starter.  JF had the roasted half peking duck served with brown & wild rice pilaf and fall vegetables wild flower honey glaze and I had the organic roasted herbes de Provence half chicken served with crispy fresh fries and sauteed broccoli. The service was flawless, everyone was very attentive with us. We didn’t had any desert, knowing two cupcakes were waiting for us!

Our picks from Sweet Cupcakes

On Monday morning, before going back home, I made my first visit to an Anthropologie store (I’m late, I know) and I was totally delighted. I couldn’t help but brought with me 4 little bowls (the colorful ones every blogger has!) and recipe bookmarks that should be extremely useful (you’ll see pictures of them on this week’s Friday Love post). We left Cambridge after lunch, knowing we had a long road ahead of us and a black cat patiently waiting for us to come back home (I have to talk to you about our cat Jasmine very soon).

*Note: Two years ago, we spent few days in Boston during summer. We had a great time and since you guys seemed to be pretty excited about reading a Cambridge post, I thought it would be nice to tell you our trip to Boston on the next regular post. Stay tuned!

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