Friday Love

I had some time on Saturday morning to finish the big cleanup in my basement. Believe it or not, it’s now empty. I got rid of almost everything, there’s only 4 boxes of precious stuff left. Great victory! But I like to think that my last weekend comes down to eating instead of cleaning.

  • Eating with girlfriends on Friday night around a glass of wine talking about everything and nothing.
  • Eating a hearty BBQ meal with friends and sharing bottles of wine with M of a new red wine that we discovered on vacation (a nasty headache the next morning reminded me that one bottle each is perhaps too much).
  • Eating chocolate cake on a very hot and sunny Sunday to celebrate the second birthday of a charming little boy.

Eating is clearly the best way to bring people together. And Oops! I did it again (hello wise Britney circa 2000) last night with two fantastic girls (hello ladies!). I think I’ll never get tired of sharing stories over a good meal with people I love. And when there’s some wine involved, the stories become even more crunchy! ;)

I wish you all an amazing and looong Labor Day weekend! xx

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Friday Love 91

  1. chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream + rainbow sprinkles
  2. new (and last?) summer dress AND, more importantly, a post-it that says I love you
  3. before going out for dinner with mom and dad to celebrate 31 years of marriage
  4. I’m at home for about only 30 min for lunch time, but I found time to make chocolate chip cookie dough
  5. she’s doing great at getting back in shape

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Friday Love

Well, another summer week has gone by. I can’t believe August is almost over. It’s that time of the year again when we eat corn and watch back-to-school commercials on TV! To fully enjoy summer until the end, tonight I’m having a BBQ dinner with the girls. I don’t know if we’ll be able to set fire on the grill (that’s a men thing, right?), but we’ll try our best to have grilled veggies FTW! With a glass of wine, this is going to be the perfect way to end the week.

I spent almost all of my weeknights doing a big cleanup in the basement (something I wanted to do for two years now) and I can’t stop finding little gems and souvenirs. It feels good to get rid of things we don’t use anymore while sorting through our memories. I kept texting my mom “hey guess what I just found out”!

Have a nice weekend, I’ll spend mine with the man I’ve been missing all week. He’s coming back home tonight… :)

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Friday Love 90

  1. new workout program
  2. tea set that every little girl should have
  3. a girly afternoon with this little princess
  4. salmon & beef tartar duet – yummy!
  5. woke up to this face every morning of the week while M is out of town

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Friday Love

Wonder how to make me happy? Bring me back to the kitchen! I made this heavenly delicious creamy cheese pie with strawberries + blueberries on Friday for a dinner with friends and did it again (this time with grapes + blueberries) on Sunday night for a dinner with the in-laws. In addition of being so flavorful, this pie is the perfect summer dessert. It is at once rich yet light. Try it at your next BBQ, you won’t be disappointed! I was also able to make dinner for two at the beginning of the week. Tacos night on Tuesday. I think there’s nothing more satisfying than cooking a meal and having someone to share it with. I missed that and I’m very happy to now have someone who I can cook to and who’s willing to try the food I put on the table and loving it!

The upcoming weekend will be all about sparkling wine and nail polish. M is out of town for several days, so Catherine is coming home for some girly time. I don’t know yet what we’ll be up to, but I’m sure we’re gonna have a good time together even if it’s supposed to rain!

I wish you all a nice weekend! xx

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Friday Love 89

  1. weekly lunch with mom – I could eat this little pizza almost every day!
  2. Saturday at friends’ chalet with the kids who had an amazing day, but the 30-something boys had even more fun playing in the water!
  3. eating smores by the lake under the light of a full moon
  4. creamy cheese pie (Friday version)
  5. banana-chocolate-almond muffins and creamy cheese pie (Sunday version which I made with M’s adorable daughter who’s now my official sous-chef)

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Friday Love

I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve post something here. I look forward to be back to blogging on a regular basis, but for now I just want to enjoy the summer to its fullest. However, I’ve been back in my kitchen earlier this week, but it’s so hot outside I don’t want to turn the oven on and I don’t consider salads post worthy. I can’t wait for autumn to arrive with harvest time and hearty food simmering all afternoon.

With so much that happened in the last three weeks, I decided to share my five favorite moments from that time for this edition of Friday Love. Because back-to-work week is nothing but a bit boring and nobody wants to see pictures of laundry, right?

I made a little video with our vacation pics on Flipagram (featuring the most-played song on radio), so if you guys want to check it out, it’s at the end of the post (click on the play button at the bottom left and not on the big one in the center). This is for you Heather!

I wish you all a very nice weekend! xx

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Friday Love 88

  1. starting my vacation the right way: pizza and sangria al fresco with mom
  2. I had an eye contact with JT. I HAD AN EYE CONTACT WITH JT!
  3. enjoying the sun at the beach
  4. teenage dream: eating ice cream on the beach with M and feeling 14 again
  5. officially official – looking at this gives me butterflies in my stomach <3

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*Earlier this week: #1picaday July recap

#1picaday July recap

#1picaday July recap

Hello guys! Long time no see! Don’t worry, I wasn’t sick and nothing bad happened to me, I was just enjoying my summer vacation at its fullest!

At the beginning of my vacation, I went to Ottawa with my friend Catherine to see Justin Timberlake in concert. I had seen him twice during his last tour, but this time it was nothing less than magical! The entire show is just perfect, we spent two and a half hours dancing and having a really good time. Not to mention that we had tickets on the floor, the atmosphere was great! On the way back the next day, I had a flat tire on the highway, what an adventure! Fortunately, all is well that ends well and I came back home very tired and with three hours late, but dinner and wine were waiting for me. Have I mentioned that my boyfriend is perfect?

During the following week, we went to several places in Maine and then we headed to Lake George NY for a few days. On the menu: beach, boat, ice cream, naps, shopping, lobster and beer. Exactly what I needed. Waking up this morning was certainly cruel, but summer is far from being over and I’m pretty sure August is gonna be great!

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Friday Love

I can’t express how excited I am this morning! In a few hours will begin my summer vacation. The sooo awaited 2K14 vaca. And they’ll be exactly how I secretly wished them to be. And on my to-do list are some very important things to accomplish in the next two weeks like eating a lot of ice cream with sprinkles, savory lobster rolls and decadent whoopie pies; watching stars + fireworks; getting dizzy in a ferris wheel and enjoying salty kisses due to seawater. Just you know, the essentials for amazing vacation under the sun. Beyoncé knows for sure what I’m talking about.

The last week flew at the speed of light. Maybe it’s because I spent the almost entire weekend sleeping late and taking naps which gave me an excess of energy for the week. I guess I had some accumulated tiredness thanks to the man who wakes up before the sun! Am I the only one to think the night isn’t over until the sun does rise or until the clock shows 7:00? I really enjoy sleeping and thinking about the fact that I won’t be waken up by an alarm for the next 16 days thrills me. Gotta enjoy the simple things in life!

But don’t go think I’m kind of lazy! Proof: Saturday I got up early to participate in the race Run or Dye with friends. This is a 5K where runners are sprayed with colored cornstarch every kilometer. Very funny! We had such a great time that we promised each other to do it again next year.

Remember the tickets I got to see Justin Timberlake? On the FLOOR section? Well, it’s happening next Tuesday!!! And because I’ve been feeling love stoned for a while now, here’s for you:

Have a nice weekend! xx

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Friday Love 87

  1. my partner in crime for napping on Sunday afternoons
  2. celebrating my dad’s birthday
  3. the simplest meals are often the best
  4. she woke up like this
  5. result after the race

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*Earlier this week: Thirty and a half

Thirty and a half

Six month ago, I was celebrating my 30th birthday with pomp: bubbles, flowers, dresses, cocktails, gifts, I was feeling like a real princess. And to mark this important milestone, I wrote down a list of 15 goals to achieve during this new year. Now that I’m thirty and a half, let’s see how it’s going so far…

1. try a new restaurant once a month (this one should be easy)

Surprisingly, I spend less and less time in restaurants to the benefit of delicious meals cooked at home and therefore the discovery of new places is halted. On the other hand, having brunch with my sweetheart in a local restaurant is becoming a weekly tradition, which comforts me every Sunday morning.

Thirty and a half 01

2. put money away each week for next Christmas (I try every year, but the money saved is always used for a new dress around spring)

This one is going very well and I haven’t missed a single week, it’s almost a miracle!

3. eat one meatless dish every week

Now that I spend a lot of time with the greatest meat lover I’ve ever known, meatless meals are totally absent! But when I’m home alone, I love to take a break from all that meat and eat a vegetarian dish, which is at least once every week.

4. make my own pasta

I really want to take time to make my own pasta next fall during the harvest season. However, I got a glimpse during a dinner with friends last February.

Thirty and a half 02

5. find the right man (yeah, right)

I think this can be considered done and I couldn’t be more pleased about it!

6. go to the gym (at least) three times a week. every week 

I’m trying my very best to exercise three times a week, but life is life and it’s sometime impossible. Read here: the motivation is at its lowest BUT I never thought I’d run a 5K during the summer, so I impress myself!

Thirty and a half 03

7. eat Junk food once every two weeks instead of once every week 

I am pleasantly surprised of how I succeed at eating less junk food without much effort. In fact, I don’t even remember the last time I ate French fries!

8. going on a road trip in Maine 

This one is happening in two weeks and I never thought I’d go in couple! There are going to be a lot of sweet summer memories.

9. learn to say no

Hummm… still working on that!

10. having a signature cocktail (other than my beloved gin tonic) and mastering it

This one urges a bit since we’re in the middle of summer, but these days I’m more the wine kind. Maybe I should come up with my own sangria recipe, what do you think?

Thirty and a half 04

11. drink more water every day

I try to drink a bottle of water everyday at work and it goes well so far!

12. learn how to use my DSLR camera on manual mode

This is another thing for which I must take time to achieve because I didn’t improve my skills at all!

13. live on a budget (as impossible as it sounds!)

I predicted it: it’s barely impossible! But I’m working hard on that one too.

14. win the lottery, pack my bags and leave (so number 13 can disappear)

Guess why, but I no longer want to leave!

15. enjoy being 30, single and fabulous (exclamation point)!

For the last half year, I clearly enjoyed being 30, single and fabulous and it will go for the upcoming six months but this time with a change in my relationship status!

Friday Love

Happy Friday everyone! Let me begin by telling you how amazing was the first of the two Michael Bublé’s shows in Montréal last week. From the very first second to the last, everything was perfect. Even if I was suffering from an excruciating migraine during the evening, I can tell you Michael was excellent and he sang my favorite song, Everything, so I was in heaven! Listening to beautiful love songs for two hours came at just the right time in my life and they all have taken a special meaning for me. I wish M were with me, but I’m not sure he’d have appreciated Michael as much as I did! But of course, I had a really good time with Catherine.

Tomorrow is a big day. I’ll be running my first 5K at the Run or Dye event in Québec city. I’m a bit nervous and I honestly don’t know if I’ll be running all the way through (there might be some walking involved), but I know I’ll have a lot of fun getting colored with my friends! I should have some pictures for you next week.

I wish you a very nice weekend! xx

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Friday Love 86

  1. the man on stage
  2. Saturday morning brunch in Montréal with friends before coming back home
  3. crazy about this new Essie color: strut your stuff
  4. my orchid flowers are in full bloom
  5. a welcome cocktail to start off the evening (might be the explanation to my headache!)

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*Earlier this week: A year ago

A year ago

A year ago today, the whole province was under the shock of the horrible explosion that took place overnight at Lac Mégantic. Sitting in the living room with puffy eyes, I was watching the TV without listening to it. I was in shock of what had happened to me during the night. My couple had exploded. The pain and suffering had awakened me early and I was wondering how I was going to get through this shitty day.

A year later, this morning, I did woke up early once again, but this time it was by the warmth of a kiss in my neck. And I wonder how I’m going to get through the day because I already miss him and it’s not even lunch time yet.

Last week, while I was having lunch with mom, she refreshed my memory: “Do you remember last year at this time, while you were sitting in the living room and crying, I told you that in a year, you’d have a new boyfriend and you wouldn’t even think about what happened.At the time, I didn’t want to hear her, but she was right.

The lesson of this whole story is that despite everything that can happen to us, even if it seems that the sky felt on our head, is that nothing happens for a reason and if something needs to be ended, well it’s to make room for something way much better. So stay positive and listen to your mom, they’re always right!

Friday Love

Happy Friday! The last days have been so hot and humid that I wished I was able to work in my car to enjoy the air conditioning permanently. I even had a bad skin reaction due to the heat, it was THAT hot! But this warm weather gives us a good defeat to eat more ice cream and drink more cold beers, so that’s not a bad thing at all!

As you read this post, I might be on my way to Montréal to see my dear friend Catherine. Tonight we have a rendezvous with Michael Bublé. Well, it’s at the Bell Center and we won’t be alone with him, but still! The show will be followed by some drinks in town under the stars, so the evening promises to be the perfect girl’s night out. We bought our tickets back in November, so it was about time!

As far as I’m eager to see my friend, I also look forward to coming back home to spend some time with Mr. M (it’s getting personal here!). He has been out of town once again this week and I missed him even more than the first time. It’s crazy how someone you haven’t seen for over twenty years can all of a sudden take a huge part in your life and all this makes you wonder why it hasn’t happened before. One day I’ll tell you our cute story!

Meanwhile, I wish you a great weekend and happy 4th of July to all my American followers! xx

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Friday Love 85

  1. another great boat day at Lake Etchemin
  2. the perfect little pink summer dress
  3. trying to beat the heat wave with a frozen lemonade
  4. a magnum of chianti at my parents’ house
  5. this cute little guy celebrated his first cativersary over the weekend

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*Earlier this week: #1picaday June recap + Strawberry shortcake

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